Health & Safety Guidance


Alide Hire Services is committed to providing a safe working environment for both staff and customers alike. All hire items are serviced and checked to the standards set by our governing body, the Hire Association of Europe and Portable Sanitation Europe Ltd, to ensure that the quality and safety of our equipment is maintained to the highest standards.

Alide Hire Services stock an extensive range of safety equipment. We have included, against each hire item, the recommended safety equipment required when using that particular item. This information is also available within the safety leaflets attached to each hire item.

Safety Symbols

Safety Helmet

Safety Helmet

Protection against falling objects; compulsory on site.
Dusk Masks

Dusk Masks

Protection against hazardous dust particles, mist and welding fumes. Conforms to EN149.


Gauntlets, PVC, latex or rigger gloves for hand protection.


Grade 1 goggles to EN166B recommended for all round protection.
Safety Boots

Safety Boots

We recommend safety footwear to EN345.
Ear Defenders

Ear Defenders

Protection against high noise levels.

Hand Arm Vibration

Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) is now a major cause for concern in the work place. The condition affects people who regularly use high vibration equipment; such as power tools. At Alide Hire Services we are committed to supplying our customers with the most modern, vibration reduced equipment available to minimise this risk as much as possible.

Each tool, where relevant, will be labelled to clearly indicate the vibration risk of that item to the operator.

High Vibration Risk


The red glove symbol covers products over 10m/s2. This equipment could cause vibration injury even when used for a short time each day. Specific assessment will be required.
Medium Vibration Risk


The amber range has been set at 5 - 10m/s2 allowing for two hours maximum daily use without further assessment. Products at the lower end of the amber range may be used for longer periods but must be justified by a risk assessment.
Low Vibration Risk


The green range has been set at 0 - 5m/s2 allowing equipment to be used regularly throughout an 8 hour shift with low risk of vibration injury.


Keep warm and wear protective gloves.
Take short breaks to exercise your hands.
Do not grip the tool too tightly - the tighter the grip the greater the vibration.
Only use tools that are serviced regularly.
Avoid the use of blunt points, chisels or drill bits.
Read and follow the safety instructions supplied with the machine.
See if there is an alternative tool available with a reduced vibration level.

Working At Height

The Working at Height Regulations came into force in 2005; the sole objective being to reduce the number of accidents associated with working at heights. The five major requirements being:

1. All work at height is properly planned and organised.
2. Those involved in working at height are competent.
3. A full risk assessment is carried out and appropriate equipment is selected and used.
4. The risks from fragile surfaces are properly controlled.
5. Equipment for work at height is properly inspected and maintained.



Dust is created in one form or another when most power tools are used. Continued exposure to dust can, over a period of time result in respiratory problems, eye infections and irritation to the skin.

Providing operators use the correct Personal protective Equipment (PPE), exposure risks are greatly reduced. In addition to this we strongly recommend the use of dust extraction equipment which will combat the problems relating to potentially harmful particles that might be present in the atmosphere.



Exposure to noise can cause temporary or permanent hearing damage. Alide Hire Services acknowledges that noise represents a significant safety risk to equipment operators. Under the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 it is a requirement that a noise assessment is made by a competent person when the noise created in a working environment exceeds 80dB(A). Alide Hire Services strongly recommend that every possible effort is made to reduce noise exposure in the work place.

Alide Hire Services is constantly striving to ensure that the equipment we supply you incorporates the latest noise reduction technology. Please view the ’Safety Information’ tab, found underneath all our products where you will find, if applicable, manufacturers information relating to noise emissions. One essential method of controlling the potential harmful effects of noise is to ensure that all employees working in or around a noisy environment are issued with and use the correct PPE.




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