DIY Verification Process

Account Set-Up

  • Customers will be required to attend the depot to set up a DIY account.
  • Customers are required to provide two proofs of identity: one photographic document, and another official document matching the address of the photographic document. (Acceptable documents include Driving Licence, UK Passport, Bank Statement, Utility Bill).

Depot Collections

  • When collecting equipment, it is preferable that the DIY account holder attends in person.
  • Should you require someone else to collect the equipment on your behalf, you must confirm this in person or via email.

On Site Delivery/Collection

  • Deliveries and collections will primarily be made to the registered address within the customer ID.
  • If the customer requires delivery to a different address, we will require confirmation which can be done in person or via email.
  • In addition to signatures, we will take photos of the delivery/collection, with the customer in shot, as a proof of delivery/collection.
  • Equipment hired with Alide Protect & Cover can only be delivered to the address on the ID provided.


  • Deposit & Final payments can only be made with a Card.
  • We will only accept card details that match the DIY account holder.